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Risk Management

Interactive Fleet Management aims to simplify the subject of corporate obligations to drivers and compliance with the law by offering a variety of tools and services.

Benefits of Risk Management

  • • Online Driving Licence Checks – for easy and accurate licence checking
  • • Fleet Risk Assessments – for a safe, legal and compliant vehicle fleet
  • • Driver Profiling – to pinpoint driver risk and only provide training to those who need it
  • • E-Driver Training – an effective, low cost, driver training solution online
  • • On Road Driver Training – for high risk drivers that need on-road tuition
  • • Driver Seminars – tackling the causes of accidents and how to avoid them
  • • Producing a successful Fleet Policy – a template that can be tailored to your company requirements
  • • Compilation of Driver Handbooks – to ensure all drivers understand and agree to the company driving policies

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